Head = ST Tomax/Xamot
Torso = ST Destro
Arms Upper = ST Destro
Arms Lowers = ST Grunt
Waist = ST Destro
Legs = ST Destro

This was to be my last custom. It's called Death. It's a custom of myself dead ... ;).
I've always wanted to do a custom in Black and White ... and also a self custom ... and I guess it's done finally... ;)

My doctor told me that I can die anytime as long as I keep smoking due to my condition.
I don't have a problem with death after so many things happened in my life and I smoke lots now.
And I decided to just go ahead and finish off some leftovers and also make as many customs as I can before I die instead of just making the last 1 of my death.
The truth is I can die anytime... which means it's either tomorrow or like in the next 50 years the way I interpret it.

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