Head/Torso: Firefly v6
Arms: Recondo v3
Waist: Cross Hair v1
Legs: Roadblock v9

Helmet: Crankcase with mask from Barrel Roll v1
Gun: BBI
Holstered Gun: Chap Mei
Rope: Alpine v2

Number 12 of 48 in my complete Action Force customs

The attack trooper was a generic soldier, so I wanted to find a way to make him anonymous. The Firefly mask seems to work quite well in this regard. However, I wanted the figure to have more of the helmet and respirator look of the original, so I tried my hand at a bit of creativity. I'm rather pleased with the helmet/mask combination, both because it's one of the few items I've managed to make removable, and because it was my first go at this sort of thing, and it's come out reasonably well.

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