Head: SpyT Airborne: (modified)
Torso: JvC Dusty (green) (modified)
U Arms: JvC Stalker
L Arms, Waist, Skirt: Rollbar
Legs: Hannibal

I don't know if I'll ever put Airborne in a JAG situation, but I did this as much as a test to preserve the 'face' of a cowled figure (like the Spy Troops Airborne/Halo Jumper) while modifying the rest of the head.

After sanding down the goggles, cowl lines, etc with the Dremel, I built up his forehead and hair with green stuff.

In addition, more green stuff made the lapels and tie, while I used contour putty for the lapel pins and stip styrene for the fruit salad (medals bars) and name tag, which does read 'Talltree'.

My camera doesn't want to get too close, but I made an attempt at part of an Air Medal (Bronze Star - flight mission), Purple Heart, and below, the basic unit decoration. To account for the individuals, Airborne's had to have been in the copter at least once when Wild Bill crashed it, right? (wink) Also, the black name tag has "Talltree" written on it, and he's wearing his E-5 Sergeant stripes.

I chose not to paint the Hannibal legs to give a contrasting style, rather than go for a truly authentic set of "Class A's".

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