Head: Comic pack Clutch
Torso: BTR Flint
Arms: Pathfinder
Waist: Gung-Ho v.1
Thighs: Outback v.1
Feet: Flint v.1
Helmet: Leatherneck v.3
Tools: Cross Country v.2

Rifle: muzzle (Snake Eyes v.3); base (Countdown); clip (Tracker); scope (Chief Torpedo); and stock (PTE MP 5)

Overheard from Sgt. Rock n Roll

I don't think any of us thought it at the time, but looking back you can see that we were really something special. Each of us brought our own special skills but we were also jack-of-all-trades. You weren't just an expert with your weapon of choice you also had this additional skill or that additional skill. Today we have a driver for that vehicle and a driver for this vehicle. Everybody's a role player filling in a niche. Back then, if it were on wheels, Clutch could drive it, break it, fix it, and make it go faster all while keeping Cobra off our butts. Even though we know he's good and he's won some inter-service awards to prove it, the dude could seriously own in NASCAR or the Baja.

My favorite Clutch story, that I'm at liberty to tell for security reasons and all, happened early on. We'd just come back from one hairy mission when a private meets the C-130 on the tarmac with orders for Hawk to be at the Pentagon ASAP. Hawk looks at Clutch. Clutch takes the private's car and they blaze off. While Hawk's in his meeting Clutch is making moves on this Air Force secretary. Well, the Captain she works for must have missed out on some hot coffee because he comes storming out and starts ripping Clutch a new one. This guy's going on and on about military regulations for Clutch's beard, the un-shined shoes, how to properly address a female soldier. Clutch is standing there giving him the, "Yes sir. No sir. I didn't know that sir." So, Hawk comes out on a break or something and sees what's going on. He takes the Captain aside and asks the secretary if she would kindly show this brave soldier where to get some chow. Clutch comes back a little later with his escort and that same Captain comes out, apologizes, and shakes his hand saying what an honor it was to meet a real American hero.

Now at that point we were all hiding smiles because no one believed a word Clutch said. I was like, "Sure he did and then he offered you a date with his wife too." Everyone cracked up. We liked Colonel Hawk and all but none of us would have used the words "nice" or "kind" to describe him at that point. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it took us all a while to realize Hawk would go to the mat for each and every one of us if he had to. Back to the story though. Clutch was all mellow letting us get in our nyuck, nyucks and then pulls out this piece of paper from his pocket. He held it out for all of us to see. It was the secretary's digits with a note, "For my brave soldier, Cindy". As we all wiped the egg off our faces Clutch had this grin going from ear to ear.

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