Head, Torso, U. Arms: Cover Girl (Comic Pack #16)
L arms, Waist, Legs: Bombstrike

Jackets: dollar store, Bratz
Helmet (not pictured): Hawk v2

I adore the new Cover Girl figure, really I do. However, two things that are likely minor details bugged me about it. First, I'm not really a fan of the vest-as-jacket idea: if I take it off, then the arms (painted to look like the vest) look funny on the shirt. Second, her hair -- the wind-blown look is fine for a dramatic pose, but really, her hair won't be like that all the time! :)

So, I set to correcting these. I chose to make her shirt a bowling style: short-sleeve, with the collar matching the sleeves to tie the two together. (PS While the arm combination works this direction, it does not fit together the other way (Bombstrike uppers, CG lowers).

Jackets I found from a couple sources, and then I sculpted her some new hair. I put parchment paper between the long hair and the back of the torso, in order to keep from the green stuff sticking to the plastic.

I kept a 'windblown' head for switching out at will, and found a helmet that would fit over her new noggin.

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