Frag-viper head

Incinerator arms and legs

Blanka torso (Modified)

Road-pig armor

Zanzibar spear

Frag-viper gauntlet

Cape: modified Burger king kids meal toy, Hunchback of Notre Dame Frolo coat.

I origionally built this guy with the intention of being part of Liberty as a bio athelete, then tried to make him a psycotic Wasteland warrior, but thanks to the bivvies last group project, gatewalkers, I found a genra wich, at least I think, is perfect for him. The bloodsplatter was a mix of Deep red and brown Painter marker ink, I left the wounds unpainted to give him more of an inhuman look...of course being covered with blood helps too. ;)

Lord Desade

The vain and sadistic heir to a once noble 17th century French family, Lord Desade has earned a horrific reputation throughout hell earth. Many Vampire hunters have attempted to slay him, none have succeded and few have survived. Brutal and ruthless in battle, this hulking monstrocity enjoys eviserating thoes who have fallen, or impaling them upon their own weapons, often tearing out their hearts for a quick snack. Wears an Iron mask to hide scars infliced upon him by a templar knight, chain-mail armor covers his arms and legs, leaves his chest bare as an act of defiance against thoes who would try to destroy him, to give them a false sense of security before he tears them apart using his Talon gauntlet.

"No man or vampire on hell earth could have created such an abomination as Desade, many say he was borne from the verry fires of hell, sent by the devil himself as a harbinger of the apocalypse. Commits horiffic acts of murder and corrupts the innocent with diabolical glee, attacks villages without provocation, leaving not enough left of its inhabitance for his bretheren to feed upon. There is not a being on hell earth that does not fear him, in instances where he has not found mortals to inflict suffering upon, he has turned upon other vampires."

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