Head: Star Wars B-Wing Pilot
Torso, arms: 2001 Pathfinder
Waist/legs: Funskool Tunnel Rat
SWAT vest: Intoyz SWAT
Handgun: PTE
Shotguns: BBI

Well, since Surefire is just a big doo-doo head, I figured my Joes needed someone better as head of CID and anything police-related within my Joe team (ie S.W.A.T., security, investigation, etc.)

Enter Stakeout.

Inspiration for the character, contrary to what you might think, didn't come from Hard Boiled or from any Hong Kong cop movie.

It came from the TV series Dark Angel, where Byron Mann (best remembered for playing Ryu in the live-action movie adaptation of Street Fighter) played a recurring character called Matt Sung, a detective on the Seattle police force, one of the few left uncorrupted in a post-nuclear world (or something. The backstory always leaves me confused.)

Originally I wanted him to have the same likeness as the actor, but that proved to be pretty much an impossible task. So I decided to settle on finding a good non-Joe Asian head. Turns out one Asian guy had a MINOR role in a Star Wars movie, which means he got an action figure. Just had to track it down, which surprisingly didn't take as long as I'd have thought (thanks to our own Lance Sputnik, that guy rocks!).

The body is fairly simple in design. Button-up shirt, a vest over that, and some worn jeans. Doesn't quite match what the Matt Sung character wore on Dark Angel, but I didn't really feel like having a "suit", because it's a pain in the ass to customize one.

I modified the knife sheath on Tunnel Rat's thigh into a basic holster. I felt that was more appropriate for a cop to use.

I should probably mod the neck to have a ball, but the SWAT vest's neck hole is too small for the head to fit through, so I have to remove the head to put it on. At least like this, I don't have to take the entire figure apart anytime I want to put his vest on.

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