Head: Knockoff
Torso and waist: BJ Wet-Suit
Arms: Funskool Flint (Blaster upper arms with Battle Corps Roadblock lower arms)
Upper legs: Ninja Force Storm Shadow
Lower legs: Lamprey
Backpack: 2000 Snake Eyes
Nunchaku: Quick Kick
"Hyaku Shiki" submachine gun: Marauder Inc pulse rifle

This is what I believe to be my best piece ever. Everything just fit in so nicely.
Hiryu is multi-ethnical. He's 3/8 Japanese, 1/8 Korean, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Irish-Canadian. As such he needed a head that looked Asian, just not too Asian. I think the knockoff head worked very well for that effect.

For the body, I was really thinking "If I was going to make a more realistic version of Quick Kick, what kind of look would I go for?" I ended up going for a one-piece bodysuit in tribute to one of Bruce Lee's attires in Enter The Dragon. The body had some molded "stripes" on them so I made them yellow, it made the suit look a bit like a "reverse-color" version of Bruce Lee's bodysuit in Game Of Death.

The upper legs were the toughest part to find. At one time he had Tunnel Rat thighs, but the jeans look didn't match the rest of the body. Out of pure luck, I took a look at a junked Ninja Force Storm Shadow and noticed the gear on his thighs was pretty cool, a knuckle knife and nunchaku. It was just so fitting for a non-ninja silent weapons specialist that I just had to use them. They fit very well with the waist and lower legs, and as you can see in the pictures, he can do some very nice high side kicks because the legs are such a nice tight fit with the waist.

The accessories were a no-brainer. Basic commando backpack, nunchaku (which I keep in the sword's sheath just because I can) and a nice small submachine gun.
The Marauder Inc pulse rifle works for him as an SMG, the story is that he was given a prototype submachine gun developed in Japan. I call it the "Hyaku Shiki" (Type 100), named after a Gundam Mecha, because Japanese weapons seem to be named "Type number". It seemed like the perfect place for a nerd reference.

I'm very proud of this piece. I went through a lot of parts change, and the very first Hiryu custom can be found on this site, so you can see how much he's evolved since I first broke into customizing. It'll be hard for me to make a custom that can top this one, simply because of the amount of thought I put into finding the best parts to fit the character.

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