Head, helmet, pouches, hands, harness, knee pads, radio, Glock and backpack: bbi

Rest of figure is DTC SAW Viper execpt waist which is..umm..

Main weapon provided by Maruader Inc.

Pararescue are Air Force Special Forces that are tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in combat zones.
They are trained in desert, mountain, artic warfare as well as combat divers, paramedics and just about every type of parachuting skill you can think of.

This is another one of the guys I based on a 12" figure.
His accessories include his helmet, a Glock on a cross draw holster under his left arm, two removable radios (one on his vest, the other in his pack), a rappeling harness, and kneepads. His main weapon is an M-4/shotgun combo.

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