Head: Neo-Viper
Torso: Sand Viper (modified w/sculpted armor)
Arms: Sand Viper (modified with pauldrons from dollar store figure)
Waist: Sand Viper
Legs: Sand Viper (modified with sculpted armor)
Sword & sheath: Van Helsing figure
Cape: Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Luke Skywalker

The Iron Grenadier Lance-Sergeant came about as an experiment in using Green Stuff 2 part epoxy to sculpt armor. Using the IG colored single pack Sand Viper as a base, I applied the green stuff to different parts of the figure. My goal was to conceal any reference to Cobra, and add a battle-worn look to the armor that matched the pitted look of the figure's greaves.

In choosing a head for the figure, I went with the Neo Viper, which had a helmet that was similar in shape to that of the vintage IG with a vaguely similar face mask. Using Green Stuff again, I added a fin to the helmet, sweeping it forward (instead of backward) to denote rank and give the helmet a somewhat Roman look.

The last additions came in the form of the sword and scabbard and over the shoulder cape. The vintage IG came with a sword that hung at his waist and gave the figure a distinctly historical European flair. I wanted to carry that over into this figure and found a very good match in the sword and scabbard that came with a Van Helsing figure. The cape was removed from a Shadow of the Empire Luke in Coruscant disguise, and added to this figure to continue the historical style and add another symbol of rank.

For what began as an experiment, this figure was a lot of fun to work on. With their quasi-historical trappings and European flair, the Iron Grenadiers offer an interesting diversion from the modern military or sci-fi stylings found in other G.I. Joe factions. It's always a pleasure adding a figure to their ranks.

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