Head: Freefall
Body: 2001 Sure Fire
Mask: Intoyz
Goggles: BBI Elite Force
Rifle: 2001 Low-Light

Wide Scope was a fairly simple custom. I'd initially wanted to use the body and headgear for a Shockwave custom, but once I found and fell in love with the v1 Shockwave, that left me with some good SWAT figure parts and no use for them.
I decided to make Shockwave's new sculpt clone Wide Scope instead.
I went with Freefall's head because it was the most "obscure" head I had in my parts box.
The mask and goggles were the hardest part, simply because they're so darn hard to find. I would have preferred to use some Intoyz goggles, but I was unable to find any so I had to settle with the inferior BBI goggles.
The rifle was mostly a joke at his code name, because of the wide scope on the rifle. I do believe it works better as a multi-purpose rifle (for both assault and sniper work) than the Blackout rifle the original Wide Scope figure came with.
Another simple custom, but it helps me fill out my ranks and provide some old sculpt presence to the new sculpt characters.

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