Head: Budo (modified)
Torso: Law v2 (modified)
Arms: Buzzer
Waist and legs: Chuckles
Helmet: GoodToGoCustoms
M4/Shotgun: Marauder Inc
Knife and backpack: Random figures

I always thought Dart was a pretty cool character. He was like Billy (from Predator) thrown into the Joe world. So I wanted a version of my own, in old sculpt.

Finding the right parts was rather easy. Initially I'd intended to use a Bullhorn head, but after a nasty nail polish remover accident, I decided to keep that head for a disfigured character.

Luckily, I had a Budo head that could work. It took some modifications, though. The first thing that had to go was that buzz cut thing. Took a bit of dremeling but I got it off. Using my X-Acto, I shortened those pointy sideburns until they looked more normal. Lastly, I redid his eyebrows so they'd look different from Budo's.

Beyond that, the only mods I did to the parts were removing the tattoo on Buzzer's bicep and removing the police badge on the Law torso. All the parts worked wonderfully well together, and really captured the look of Dart.

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