Head: JvC Destro
Body: Funskool Cobra Commander

The idea behind Red Jackal was always cool. A former Action Force tough guy who suffered an accident and was rebuilt by Ironblood into a cyborg with a robotic skull and cybernetic hands.

Instead of going the Destro lookalike route, I decided to give him a more menacing appearance. The JvC Destro head has been universally accepted as not being Destro, so that was the right place to start. With that facial expression, it looked more like a cyborg's face than a full mask anyway.

For the body, I went with the Funskool version of the 1991 Cobra Commander. I painted it to match the original Red Jackal, but since he lacked the pimp collar, I painted his shoulder armor silver instead. Rather than putting the Shadow logo on the red of his chest, I put it in the ideal location: the large circle on his belly.

I'm really happy with how he turned out. He retains the spirit of the original, without looking like a Destro clone. Now, I just need to finish that custom Hyena for him.

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