Head: Mortal Kombat movie edition Sonya Blade
Body & Backpack: 98 Volga
Dragunov sniper rifle: Marauder Inc

A very simple custom that came together incidentally. Unlike most Joe fans, I have little interest in the Oktober Guard, most likely because of my lack of exposure to them (I've only read their original two-part appearance).

I'd purchased a 98 Volga with the intention of making an original female character simply by using her body, unaltered, with a new head. However, finding the right head proved to be a challenge...

Eventually my skills progressed enough that I thought I could make something better than just a headswap for the female character, so I put the Volga body aside.
Along the way, I picked up a Movie Edition Sonya Blade for a Jinx custom. One day, I looked at the leftover Sonya head, glanced to the Volga body, and put two and two together.

I nicknamed this figure "1998 time-travel Daina", because of the body's release date, and the sheer amount of Daina customs used that Sonya head back in those years.

I know a lot of people LOVE the new Comic Pack Daina, but I prefer my custom. It cost me a lot less to make than getting an actual Daina anyway.

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