Head, right arm, waist and upper legs: Battle Wagon Grunt
Left arm: B.A.T. (with Xevoz elbow joint)
Torso: Snake Eyes
Lower legs: Mirage
Helmet: Chap Mei fig

Lt. Joseph Stone was shot down by partisan separatists while serving a tour with the UN-led Intervention in Qurac, Operation Oasis. He lost his left arm, and both legs below the knees in the wreckage of his Apache.

He was fortunate to qualify for a Stark International prosthetics program, wherein his arm and lower legs were replaced with cybernetics. Unfortunately, the maintenance on them (due to their experimental nature) prevents him from returning to active duty with the regular forces.

Hearing of his plight and eagerness to return to the good fight, Sci-Fi brought him onboard Battle Force 2100 to test-pilot the new Dragon Hawk Dropship. The cybernetic implants that direct the neuronal impulses from his brain to his prosthetics are able to be shunted to onboard computers to perform secondary functions. For example, while his legs are deactivated, he can think to move his right big toe three times downwards, and the signal is routed instead to the onboard computer controlling the ventral cooling vents, to open or close as appropriate.

Remembering what twitches and motions perform what functions is a difficult task for Lt. Stone; but he definitely notices an increase in efficiency and timing, so he says the weariness of mind is worth it.

Upon seeing him dust-off for his first operational mission; Cmdr. Dodger gave him the codename of 'Flyboy', owing to the insectile nature of his vehicle.

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