Head, torso and upper arms: DTC Grand Slam
Lower arms: VvV Heavy Duty
Waist: unknown RAH
Upper legs: Ninja Viper (VvV/RAH)
Lower legs: SW Firespeeder Pilot
Helmet and backpack: SW Firespeeder Pilot
Flamethrower: Plague Viper weapon with second grip added.

The SW Firespeeder Pilot is one of the few Star Wars toys I've bought recently and expressly for the purpose of creating a Joe custom.

First, I hollowed out the head with the Dremel, eventually getting the cavity large enough to accept the Grand Slam head.

I chose the Ninja's pants in order to repurpose the nunchuks as flares, and added seams to the waist after coming up with the idea that Charbroil could wear flame-resistant chaps as part of his uniform.

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