Head: Stinger Driver
Torso: Stinger Driver (modded)
Arms: Windchill
Waist: Scalpel
Legs: Windchill
Gun: Corps!

This is a custom I made for Jimmyboy for Christmas. Shhh he hasn't received it yet. I based it off of the cartoon character from the miniseries that was seen with Destro in the bottom pic. Somebody posted the pic and it hit me that it would be cool to recreate it. I had a severely yellowed Stinger Driver that I used as a base. I used green stuff and made the hood on the back of his torso. I took all the parts and painted them a primer gray and went back over all the black areas and painted his helmet blue.

I like this custom so much I might have to make one for myself. :shiftyeyes:

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