Head - Big Brawler v1
Torso - Monkeywrench
Arms - Big Ben
Waist - Dr. Mindbender v1
Legs - Salvo
Jacket Cuffs: Chap Mei

I wanted to make a Big Brawler custom that is just a little bit silly and doesn't look like he was raiding Outback's footlocker for clothes. So I went the Blue Oyster Bar route with him and gave him a leather jacket with no shirt underneath. Since I was adding swivel wrists to him any way, I cut the hands off of a Chap Mei Bad Guyz guy and added the floppy cuffs. For the pants I mixed some silver and blue paint and came up with a very Brawlin' reflective blue. I gave him a Brawlin' baton and as a last minute touch, I sanded off a little bald spot on the top of his head. The results are fun and satisfying.

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