Head = JFAK cast of my original Death's Head (J vs C Zartan)
Body/backpack = Microman Medalug
Shoulderpads = Scalpel
Skirt = V vs V Slice
Axe, morningstar, shield = AoD
Flamethrower = Mecha Hulk
Guns (Megatron) - Marauder John

A mechanoid freelance peacekeeping agent from the distant Future, Death's Head is a highly advanced killing machine. Trapped in time by the Doctor (Doctor Who), he has battled many formidable adversaries (including The Doctor, the Transformers, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, SheHulk, Kang, Thor etc) in a quest to return to his own time (and for money!). Versed with a bristling array of weapons that attach to his removable right hand, Death's Head's prey seldom escapes him.

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