Head- J.L.U Green Arrow
Hood-- Darth sidious
Waist--Corps figure
Legs--Cobra Commander Talking Battle Commanders
Quiver--J.L.U modded with corps arrows

Oliver Queen was an over-opinionated, silver spoon billionaire, until he was marooned on a desert island after a boating accident. Starving and in need of protection from the local fauna, he constructed a bow from the local flora and set about hunting, after many months he could hit any thing he aimed at.

When finally rescued and returned home to Seattle he turned over a new leaf and started helping the downtrodden. At a charity dinner in his honor he met billoinaire Bruce Wayne, while the two were talking a force of Cobra Vipers attempted to kidnap the attendees for ransom. They were defeated by a costumed man dressed as a Bat. So inspired by this feat, Queen soon adopted his own secret identity: The Green Arrow.

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