Head-Cobra Commander
Helmet--D.T.C major Bludd modded
Waist--modded Road Pig
Upper legs--Heavy Duty v7
Lower legs and waist armor--Star Wars Neiamodian Guard

Cobra Commander a.k.a Darth Venomus is a long forgotten Sith Lord who found Earth while fleeing a Sith cleansing in his universe.

As C.C entered hyperspace a Jedi Short Range Fighter marked his coordinates and probable flight path. Months later when the purge was thought to be complete a multi-species Jedi team was assembled to track down Darth Venomous and finish him and his followers. Years later after tracking down any and all leads, the Jedi arrived in the Milky Way and were damaged while passing through the Asteroid Belt and landed on the only planet with a suitable atmosphere.

The multi-species team found no traces of Darth Venomus or any of the suspected Sith followers (C.C had not yet recuperated from his own ordeals and was not yet active). So doing what Jedi do they helped the planets natives, spawning many of Earth's mytholoiges. After many centuries the nonhuman Jedi disappeared into the mists of time or simply died off and those human-like Jedi mingled with the native population.

Injured and flying a damaged ship Darth Venomus hops from system to system until his ship can go no further.He stumbles across an uncharted system and sets down on the only planet with life, he hides his craft in a sea trench.

Wanting to preserve his own life he leaves his followers in suspended animation and lives on their Force Energies. After a milliena he emerges from his sleep.

Always in the shadows he controls Earth's major conflicts, BUT no more. Now he is ready to step out of the shadows and emerge as Cobra Commander, Ruler of Earth.

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