Acrylic Paint

Munnies are super-deformed, do-it-yourself toys created by KidRobot. Though I initially started using the figures as super hero templates, munnies seemed to be a perfect fit to bring a different style to G.I. Joes and (particularly) Cobras.

Personally, I prefer the Cobra Officer to the Cobra Trooper, but I had to do both! So, given the variety of Cobra troops in red and blue uniforms, I've opted to emphasize the differences with varied shades of the principle colours.

Overall, I think I may be most proud of this one so far (number 4), but I got into trouble with the head by miscolouring the logo on his helmet as a red. Rather than restart, I switched the otherwise unpainted head to the Cobra Trooper, in progress, and undertook a new head for the Officer. I like the eyes as a result - much more solemn than his Trooper friend. I like to think he knows what it is like to have any level of command in Cobra, and has lost some of his intensity as a result.

Again, I aimed to respect the original colour scheme, but added a rank insignia on his right arm and a shield Cobra logo on his left. I also took the sign accessory, one of four accessories randomly packed with each munny, and turned it to a Cobra banner. I hope to do it again in Crimson, for a certain guardsman...

Pictures are as follows:

* Munny Cobra Officer (with first-issue Cobra Officer for comparison, and Cobra banner)
* Munny Cobra Officer and his Cobra Trooper
* File Card

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