Acrylic Paint

Munnies are super-deformed, do-it-yourself toys created by KidRobot. Though I initially started using the figures as super hero templates, munnies seemed to be a perfect fit to bring a different style to G.I. Joes and (particularly) Cobras.

Destro was my third G.I. Joe themed munny, and second Cobra. He's pretty much based on the original Destro, with some help from the images of the Destro mask to get his face as correct as possible. Pretty happy with the facial expression in fact, but I should have dropped the colour. And it is hard to get a gun holster to look anywhere appropriate on such stubby legs.

Pictures are as follows:

* Munny Destro (with standard first edition Destro for comparison)
* Munny Destro (side shot)
* File Card

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