Upper half: SS Namor
Waist and thighs: Maj. Barrage
Calves: Takara Snake Eyes
Tonfa sticks: Model's spruce filed round
Mask: Snow Wolf
White patches: Construction paper

Project Rebirth was severely crippled by the death of Dr Erskine, who kept all his work's secrets in his memory and took them to his grave. As it happened, however, his staff was able to pick up some of the pieces and continue that work, to a degree.

Project Rebirth was rechristened Project New Infantry as the Army now wanted five operatives. Work proceeded slowly for a few years as the scientists had to relearn everything Dr Erskine had discovered (it's now known Dr Erskine had actually discovered the structure of DNA years before Watson and Crick and that much of Project Rebirth was actually genetic engineering).

The Super Soldier Serum was broken into its five major components, giving Captain America his great strength, agility, speed and endurance, reflexes, and perfect aim. Each of these components (actually stretches of DNA) were amplified by a factor of 10 and given to five of the second-tier test subjects.

After Captain America's fall and apparent death in the North Atlantic, these five were rushed into action for a small number of missions just prior to the end of the War. They were known as the Minutemen, numbers 1 through 5.

Three of these Minutemen continued to work for the government in the 50s and early 60s, containing the Communist Threat. Two of them have simply disappeared. In the 70s and 80s, it is thought that sons of Minutemen 3 & 4 were given their father's mantle and uniforms. It's known that the Berlin Wall's first missing chunk was caused by Minuteman 4's escape over the wall and colliding with it. Berliners saw the 200-lb hunk of concrete in the street and learned the Wall wasn't impregnable.

Currently, it's thought that only one Minuteman is in operation. Due to the extreme flexibility and acrobatic nature of his fighting style, its thought he's the grandson of Minuteman 3 as both the original and the second would both be too old to perform thusly. The government denies any knowledge of this Minuteman, and reiterates again and again that he's operating independently of their approval.

Construction notes:
The white patches on his torso and arms are construction paper glued to him, to give the proper thickness shown in the Infantry comic book I'm stealing this guy from.

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