Head: Comic Pack Diana spliced with shs Rider Wolverine
Torso, Arms & Waist: ST Lady Jaye
Legs: VvsV Dusty


Web Gear: VvsV Snake Eyes
Holster belt: ST Lady Jaye with added knife sheathe
Rifle: bbi Marine

The Plague has been unleashed. After a series of devastating attacks against key locations, this group of thirteen troopers has proven to be Cobra's most dangerous threat to date.

It is going to get worse.

Pleased with the Plagues run of successful incursions, Cobra is now preparing a second & third supplemental wave of these troops. Having already secured the very best from their respective fields, waves two & three will be augmented with genetic & cybernetic enhancements.

There is due cause for worldwide concern.

An undercover Joe agent has recently revealed the location of only of the four rumored testing sites where these soldiers will be spawned. An all out military assault against this one facility is not an option, as fanatical Cobra agents within the structure will surely set off a self destruct mechanism long before the compound is taken, destroying all evidence & clues to the other testing sites.

Enter the CURE. Their mission is to infiltrate the known stronghold, obtain the whereabouts of the other test sites & intel on the specific processes involved in the super soldier creation. They must not be detected. Cobra must not discover their operations have been breached.

Snake Eyes: Legendary silent commando. To infiltrate unseen & without trace, there is no one better.

Spirit: A Tracker of the highest merit. His keen sense of observation may uncover the thread needed to pull apart Cobra's latest tapestry.

Low Light: An expert in nighttime covert operations. Keeping outside the compound, he may prove integral should the insertion team be discovered by enemy forces or if a path is needed to be cleared of alerted sentries.

Lone Star: Daughter of a sheriff killed by Cobra forces in the 83' Springfield incident. As a medical scientist, she will procure the information necessary to provide us with any edge we might have over these new PLAGUE troopers.

Operation cure consists of four figures I made for a custom contest with nine other customizers.

I got a single vote.

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