Head: Zartan v.1
Torso: Snake Eyes v.1
Arms: Combo 97 Breaker and Storm Shadow
Waist: Kamakura v.2
Legs: Black Dragon Ninja v.1

Hailing from parts unknown, Creverex traveled through the wasteland of the sands of lost time after hearing reports of Anraztemehk's return. Creverex and 5 of his noble fighters traveled to discover the truth. Only 3 of them arrived to the temple.

At this time a tournament was about to be held to discover the next Executioner. Creverex entered the Shanatu tournament. He won the tournament and became the 7th Executioner. Discovering that it was not just his skills but that the mask of the Executioner itself chooses it's next champion. Creverex then became lord of the honored guard, and member of the Shanatu Council.

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