Head, chest and waist:- JvC Agent Scarlett
Front hair: G-Taste figure Asuka Senou
Back hair: Star Wars Episode III Agen Kolar
Arms: VvV Crock Master
Hands: Jurassic Park III Amanda Kirby
Upper legs: VvV Alley Viper
Lower :egs: VvV Alpine (modified)

I started looking for figure pieces that will make her look tall, and strong. Once the pieces were together, I modified the parts that needed to be altered. The hair was the hard part. I was going to use the Comic Pack Baroness hair, but I was going for the new series look. I paused her until I found a G-Taste figure that had the hair I was looking for, but it was short on the back. When the Episode III figures came out, I saw the back hair of Agen Kolar, and I made the modifications necessary to unite the 2 parts, and make it look like one.

During the construction of this figure, I realized that I have made 4 Marvel female figures, and since there is a fan-fic of an all-woman Fantastic Four, I came up with the Fem-Force, that consist on Invisible Girl, Black Cat, Psylocke, and She-Hulk. Now that this figure is finished, my Fem-Force is complete, and ready to go.

I am very pleased with the results.

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