Head: Snake Eyes 05
Arms: SHS Punisher
Chest: SHS Punisher
Waist: SHS Punisher
Thighs: SHS Punisher
Feet: SHS Punisher
Knife Sheath- Gung Ho 02
Trench Knife- BBQ 85 modified w/ Storm Shadow 02
Bandolero- Dusty 05
Scabbard- knock-off ninja from food city
Sword- GTG custom
Pistol- Grunt 03
Uzi- Snake Eyes 89
Wrist launcher- Electronic Jango Fett

I started this custom as soon as I got a SHS Punisher in my hands. Getting the accessories right took me a while, especially trying to get a Barbeque axe. I finally got a Funskool, which is really rubbery and wouldn't take paint well. After gluing the end of a Storm Shadow swod to it I decided it was okay the way it was. All the rest of the parts came together well after that. The GTG Snake Eyes sword is amazing and works great with the scabbard I found in a cheap ninja toy pack at my local Food City.

I'm very pleased in the end result, and after seeing the upcoming 25th anniversary Snake Eyes v2, I can definately say I prefer my custom over it.

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