Head: Robo-Joe 93 (modified)
Arms: Cyber-Viper 93
Chest: Cyber-Viper 93
Waist: Cyber-Viper 93
Thighs: Cyber-Viper 93
Feet: Cyber-Viper 93
Pulse Rifle- Marauder, Inc.

I started my Mega Marine project after watching Aliens for the first time. Seeing the Colonial Marines helmets reminded me so much of Mega Marine's Gung Ho helmet. After seeing what Master Collector did with the awesome Steel Brigade Gung Ho, I knew that a new paint job could really save this subset.

After reading information on the Colonial Marines from Aliens and information on a real life US Space Marines project, I realized I needed more than a few Mega Marines. I opted for a squadron of 12 divided into two teams of 6. Each team would have a commander, weapons expert, tech/computer expert, vehicle operator, sniper/spotter, and a specialist.

The Mega Marine team can be deployed and ready for action any where in the world in 2 hours, and are also be trained and prepped for space missions if necessary.

I chose Robo-J.O.E. to be part of the Mega Marines for two reasons. The first being that I needed an android type character to fill the role of Aliens Bishop, and the second being that I wanted to utilize the Mega Marine Cyber-Viper mold into this team.

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