Head: Snake Eyes 82 (modified)
Arms: Tomax 85
Chest: Tomax 85
Waist: Tomax 85
Right Thigh: Quick Kick 85
Left Thigh: Charbroil 88
Right Foot: Flak Viper 92
Left Foot: Snake Eyes 83

Chad and I were brainstorming ideas for our JCW wrestling figures when the horrible thought of the Wonder Twins came to mind. The two of us have been refered to as the Wonder Twins here on the board, so the idea was too good (and too bad) to pass up.

The use of Tomax/Xamot parts was a no brainer here, so the hardest part was choosing the right thigh feet combination. We went with the combo of Snake Eyes 82/Flak Viper 92 feet to pay homage to our original Mayor and Ghost self-customs. For the thighs we wanted to use one plain thigh with one thigh that had a stripe.

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