Head: Star Wars (thanks Spec;)
Torso: 92 Destro
Arms: Wild Bill
Waist: 88 Destro
Legs: Techno-Viper
Sword: 88 IG
Shield: AOD figs (thanks Spec:)

Name: James McCullen
Primary Military Specialty: Advisor
Secondary Military Specialty: Commander of Destro's Castle Guard
Birthplace: Callander, Sotland

The real reason behind Destro's latest oath of loyalty to Cobra has nothing to do with his convictions, but rather a pressing debt to Cobra's chief scientist Dr. Mindbender. Using the same techniques that resurrected both Serpentor, and his chief guard Venomous Maximus, Mindbender was able to raise Destro's father back from the dead. The question of why is unknown, as much is in the world Cobra, but ever since then Destro's operations have basically provided Cobra weaponry almost free of charge. Whether that is in fact gratitude or the resurrected Destro Sr.'s influence is unclear, but the fruits of this so-called "investment," that Cobra has tasted, have made Dr. Mindbender the Commander's new financial flavor of the day. Tomax and Xamot couldn't be more pissed.

"The bonds of blood, family, and love My son and I share transcend death."

More of my RIT dye work . Head is a bit small seemingly BUT the huge
collar hides that fact kind of well i think.
He isn't too old though, but since he is resurrected he can't really age i would

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