Head: Unknown
Rest: RoadPig
Loinage: Chap Mei
Wings: Unknown
Knife: Unknown

FileName: Enforcer, Nemesis
Primary Military Speciality: BodyGuard
Secondary Military Speciality: Intellectual
Birthplace: Not Verified

Nemesis Enforcer is Golubulus' answer to anybody dumb enough to cross him. The man is big,strong, winged, and carries a huge ass wisker trimmer.

Surprisingly, Enforcer used to be a pretty big pansy until about 1987 when he crossed paths with the GiJoe team's Sgt Slaughter. After a sound thrashing, he dissappeared into the cavern shadows only to re-emerge meaner then R Lee Emery from "Full Metal Jacket." No longer ensconsed in bright pink, Nemesis proudly bares his blueish manliness to the delight of Pythona and dreadnok Zandar when he comes to visit (quite often nowadays).


Spectre gave me this wing set a long time ago, suggesting they would be hella sweet for a NE custom. Seriously, was he wrong? I mean dam the paint job sorta sucks, but those wings really make him look like a nice update to the cartoony and original NE.

Dan you rock!!! :)

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