Head: MonkeyWrench
Torso: Salvo
Legs: Ditto
Jacket: Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung
Bike: 1:18 Maisto
Minigun: Chap Mei
Skull: This really cool necklace of skulls i used to wear as a wallet chain that broke fast. Just one of the skulls hehe....he :/

File Name: Kanadsky, Lev
Primary Military Specialty: Private Security
Secondary Military Specialty: Vehicle Operation
Birthplace: Kishinev, Moldova (Then Kishinev, USSR)

Lev is an ex-Soviet patriot and an ex-member of the traditional human race. His hobbies include hating on everybody and everything and drinking and partying with other individuals who feel the same (those namely being the other Dreadnoks).

In his spare time, and in order to earn his alcohol allowance, Lev works as Zartan's bodyguard. Unlike the rest of the Gang ilk Lev is not an idiot which is why Zartan trusts him enough to actually give Zarana the metaphorical boot to the face.

In turn this has both caused Zarana to fall head over heels for the Rusky and Road Pig to go even more bipolarly insane with rage.

To complicate things even more Zanya has also fallen in love with Lev, and it has been rumored that Zandar may feel the same way. Though his orientation has always been dubious even the dreadnoks are not dumb enough not to see "every" member of the Z family is fond of the new player in the biker gang.


This custom was inspired by my cousin and best friend Lev. I was about 14,15 when i made him and i think he still looks kinda cool. Lev is the guy who taught me how to not only drink but actually enjoy it and feel extremely alive while doing it. Unfortunately, he lives in Canada and so I don't get a chance to see him very often :(

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