Head: Chap Mei
Torso, Arms: IG Destro
Waist, Legs: CG's v1
Sword: Mortal Kombat
Jacket: Iron stormtroopers
gun: PTE

Name: Ataturk, Shamil (pseudonym)
Primary Military Specialty: Executioner/Propoganda Officer
Secondary Military Specialty: Media/Public Relations
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt (unverified)

Nobody knows who Ataturk is or why he has chosen the name of one of Turkey's national heroes.

He appeared in Chechniya for the first time after the execution of Khattab the foreign national working with Chechen Extremists who was rumored to be an Al Queda go between. It is unclear whether Ataturk's role with the group is in the same capacity.

As of today Ataturk has been responsible for the executions of 5 captive Russian soldiers. His method of choice is beheading preceded by a carefully worded statement.

The October Guard, which was recently reformed, has been alerted to his presence and is currently searching for his whereabouts.

"Death to the Capitalists, the Communists, the Secularists, and any other infidel who does not believe in Allah." (Excerpt from a video showing the execution of a Russian soldier).


Another beheading guy? Rasputin what is wrong with you? :)
Anyway I have always wanted to stick the Chap Mei character hooded head on a cool Joe body and make an original character.

I think he looks cool and a bit distinguished which for some reason made me think of the Turks.

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