Head: Ninja Force Scarlett
Torso: 2001 Zartan
Arms: 93 beachhead
Waist, Legs: Gung Ho
Hood: Intoyz
Guns: various new sculpt

File Name: Kelly, Moira
Primary Military Specialty: Sabotage
Secondary Military Specialty: Counter-Intelligence
Birthplace: Belfast, UK

Moira makes up a group of the last few anti-British, organized terrorists. A former member of the IRA, which she deemed too tame for her own ideals, Moira's ultimate goal is to splinter the fragile peace process now taking place in the UK.

A rank and file British subject until her 32nd birthday, Moira hates the British authority. A menial job laborer, at the age of 32 she found out she had been subject to hazardous material at her job and was suffering from breast cancer.

Being the daughter of an Irish traitor working for the Nazis, medical coverage was withheld based on typical bureaucratic interference running.

On the brink of suicide Moira was saved by a mysterious masked man named Colin. It is unknown how she has survived up to this point with the disease but rumors persist that the Cobra organization's Dr. Mindbender was involved. Her training is also eerily similar in method to the Cobra mercenary operative Firefly.

"God Save the Queen from me."


I threw in the breast cancer bit because the torso isn't really "curvy," and i needed a good reason for that :)

Other then that the head seems kinda Irish to me for some reason.

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