Head: Black Out
Torso: Roadblock v9
Arms: Recondo v4
Waist: Razorclaw v2
Legs: Flint v8
- Helmet: Tunnel Rat v4 Spy Troops
- Load-bearing Vest: Steel Brigade 6-pack
- Accessory Belt: BBI
- Mk 46 Mod 0: BBI

Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) is a function of special military units during wartime. CSAR consists of operations carried out to retrieve, rescue and provide assistance to downed aircrews or troops behind enemy lines. CSAR missions generally have the mission's aircrews well armed as they cross into enemy territory.

CSAR-Vipers conduct the ground-based searches, provide the local security around crash sites and are qualified in advanced first aid. They are also responsible for recovering or destroying sensitive equipment at the crash site. CSAR flights are also occasionally employed to extract small deep operations teams, such as Drop-Vipers and Dart-Vipers.

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