Head: Hi-Tech (VvV)
Body: Footloose (VvV)

Video Recorder:
Camera: Chap Mei
Tripod: Sigma6 Vamp
Post: Chap Mei battlestaff

Here is another 'one-scene wonder' from my dio-story. As I wrote out the flashback issues for Firewall's evolution into a Joe cadet, it allowed my the opportunity to introduce another couple of Joe characters and concepts.

The Image issue showed General Hawk on a videoconference with Beachhead before the ambush. So, who was filming him in the PIT? ("Scoop!" "Shaddup.") No, not Scoop, but a couple of Greenshirts. In particular, a Greenshirt who could have several improvements to make on Joe communications, which results in the Joe-COMs sported by Recondo and other Joe members in Issue 5, "Arsenal."

Hi-Tech's LBC uniform is Footloose (how I love using that as the Joes' basic BDU's. :)), and his camera can be broken down for storage.

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