Single Pack Cross Hair
BBI .50 Cal Barret (XM-109)

I had wanted to do a TF Cross Hair before I knew they were releasing one in Wave 5. After seeing Hasbro's version, I decided I liked mine better. I tried to go with the color scheme from the convention.

Tiger Force Cross Hair

"So let me see if I have this right: I put on a tiger-striped sweater and some knee pads to be a part of an elite team within the very elite Joe team? And in return I get trained to fly light aircraft and cross-country vehicles? Plus they're letting me up-gun to an XM-109 25mm, my own personal auto-cannon that can reach out and touch targets at ranges or 2500m?"

"Where do I sign up?"

Duke's Comments: "Cross Hair is an exceptional troop. There are only a handful of Joes that have been accepted onto both the Night Force and Tiger Force (myself, Wild Bill, Tunnel Rat and Roadblock), and Cross Hair is the first of the new recruits to be so honored. An exceptional soldier as well as a leader, he is also comfortable following others and taking orders, a rare flexibility among all the Type-A personalities this profession attracts. As a sniper he can put steel on target with anything from a Barret .50 cal to an M4 carbine with CCO (Close Combat Optics). He is the first of the new cadre that can really cut the mustard (no pun intended towards the TF colors).

Part of my Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades Expansion Set

I was downrange in Karbala during the convention, and had to order the a "Homefront Hero package". Not sure how I qualified as a "Homefront Hero" when I was on the front lines in some of the heaviest fighting. Anyhow, I got very excited about the Dreadnok Rampage, but decided they needed an expansion pack. It took me a while since I have been very busy after taking command, but the Christmas break allowed me to finish these customs up.


The total expansion set to the Dreadnok Rampage consists of:
Tiger Wind
Tiger Quad
Tiger Bike
Tiger Claw
TF Cross Hair
The Fuel Cell

DC Striker
Dreadhead Bike
Dreadhead Swamp Cruiser
MonkeyWrench's Quad
BurnOut's Super Quad

Tradeshow Addendum
Serengeti Gnawgahyde (AKA Dingo)

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