Head: VvV Gen. Abernathy
Torso: VvV Alpine
Arms: ST Flint
Waist, legs: ST Gung-Ho
Pistol: ST Lady Jaye

Hawk's career is a long and varied one, with far too much to detail here; suffice to say that the years have built him experience like few other generals can claim and taken their toll on the man, but he refuses to go down. Despite pushing into his late 60s he's lost none of his edge and can still compete with some of the younger soldiers under his command as an equal.

Hawk's main role now is commanding the newly reformed GI Joe, known as Vanguard, a much smaller unit than the original which has been tasked with combating paranormal threats-particularly demonic ones-to the United States and Earth over all. He still sometimes leads missions but more often will be found at HQ, in the company of his personal aide and adopted daughter, Chief Warrant Officer Melissa Abernathy.

He also enjoys a direct line to his old friend and now current President of the United States, Joseph Colton and a great deal of autonomy granted to him in handling the Joes, highly necessary if they're to "think outside the box" and deal with some very decidedly non-human, often non-living threats...

NOTES: I actually completed Hawk well over 2 years ago, but never got around to submitting him. I wanted a more casual-looking version than in the past, but still someone who projects authority, and I think this handles it pretty well.

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