I used a Liu Kang movie edition torso to make him look bulkier, and a Chap Mei vest (cut down) to replace the one that Crusher took. Everything is Chap Mei (HMMWV, tent, boar) including his camp hand in the background.

Serengeti Gnawgahyde (AKA Dingo)

Gnagahyde woke up with a knot on his head and a splitting headache, and no clothes. "I'm pretty sure that scumbag Crusher sucker punched me and put me in a sleeper hold." Everything was gone except his rifle that was in the hunting blind. Gnagahyde took his time coming out of the woods, living off the land and getting his strength back. He befriended a huge female boar that he named Ginny. Eventually he ran in to some rich hunters who talked him into being their guide on a Serengeti safari trip. After several months in Africa poaching and running his new tour guide business, he called up his old buddy Ripper to see what was kicking with the Noks. Hearing about Crusher wearing his clothes, carrying his bow, and having the love and affection of old Gnawgahog got his blood boiling. Now Gnawgahyde is on his way back, newly clothed, newly outfitted and newly accompanied by Ginny.
"when I get back me and Crusher and going to have a few words in private. And that old razorback of mine....well I've got an apple for him."

I love Gnawgahyde, always have. I thought it would be good to have a bit more story behind Crusher, and I could not stand having Gnawgahyde gone without a reason.

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