Head - Ninja Viper
Torso - Swamp Rat
Arms, Leggs - Kamakura
Sword, Bo-staff - Ninja Battles

Banzai was a drifter who would drift from village to village peddling bamboo shoots and banzai root as medicine. Locals considered him a fake and called him a beggar. One day while trying to sell his shoots and roots he came up against some local bullies who wanted to teach him a lesson. What the bullies didn't know was that Banzai had been raised by Shao-lin Monks in a Shao-lin Temple. Banzai put up a good fight before being over powered by the bullies.
It was at this time that Jade of the Green Dragon Clan of Earth happened by and saw what was taking place and made quick work of the village bullies. Banzai was indebted to Jade for her help. After learning of Banzai's training Jade brought him back to Master Chi for training. Banzai's respect for all things living and his knowledge of the banzai root as well as his Shao-lin training made him a perfect fit for the Green Dragon Clan.

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