Night Viper

Machine Gun: Clutch v3 (Mega Marines)
Scope/silencer: Lt. Falcon v3 (Super Sonic)

The ANNIHILATORS were Destro's elite troopers, and easely among the best soldiers in the business.
But once in a while, some of them seek a simpler life and joins the competition.
This particular Annihilator will probably lead a larger group of Viper soldiers, and have had his uniform accordingly recolored.

This is a simple repaint of one of my absolute favourite figures. I'm a huge fan of the royal feel the figure has, and even though it has very few details, they really stand out. Like the Destro symbol in the belt, or the awesome gloves.
Sadly, the figure suffered from one of the worst color scheme in the RAH series: Orange and purple!
I went with simple "Cobra blue", black and silver.

The gun is another matter, it originated as one of Mega Marine Clutch's many weapons, and at one point the silencer broke. I fixed it by using Super Sonic Lt. Falcon's weird under-arm flame-thrower-gun-thing. I also added a scope for the Renegade Annihilator to easily pick off Joe scum.

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