"Marine" head cast by JFAK05
Night Force Lady Jaye arms.
Baroness V1 torso, waist, and legs.
Comic Pack Zartan's chest plate, modified.
Various accents from BBi Elite Force.

What little we know about the double agent Ada Wong is from files and the damages she leaves behind. Originally a researcher during the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City(though we suspect this was a cover), she showed her true talents for survival and espionage when she befriended and survived with rookie police officer Leon Scott Kennedy. Thought dead from a fatal fall and a gunshot wound from the wife of a researcher, it was later found out that she was found and rescued by former S.T.A.R.S commander and now renegade Umbrella faction head Albert Wesker.

Dispatched by Albert Wesker to locate and retrieve samples of the "Las Plagas", an ancient seemingly extraterrestrial parasitic organism that mutates its host, she again survives and helps the survival of Leon Scott Kennedy.

Little known to Albert Wesker, Ada Wong's true loyalties are the "S" corporation, an unknown entity that seeks to control and prevent pandemic viral and mutagenic outbreaks.

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