Entire Figure: Shipwreck V.6 (modified)
Katana: Snake Eyes V.14 (modified)
Pistol: Black Out
Machine Gun: Destro V.5
Sunglasses: Leatherneck V.5

This figure originally started out as a design project during High School. We had to create our own action figure using any medium we could find. I went with G.I. Joe figures. I was the only one who got an "A" for that assignment. This is actually the third version of my self custom. The first one was of a "mystic" motif. The second one was done as a "military" theme. This third one was created after I started collecting the G.I. Joe vs Cobra figures. I noticed that the Shipwreck figure was the best one with my body frame. the only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was wearing a stocking cap. When I saw the spy troops two pack, I liked the new head sculpt. With a little modification, I finally created a figure I liked as my custom. The Katana was a High School graduation present from my parents. The pistol was a 21 birthday present from my step-father. The sub-machine gun I just thought look cool. And I'm always wearing a pair of black sunglasses.

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