Head; Spy Troops Grunt (modified)
Arms; Funskool Zarana
Torso; Valor vs. Venom Scarlett
Waist; Spy Troops Zarana
Legs; Spy Troops Zarana

When I started making custom figures a long time ago, I thought about how cool it would be if the figures I made had the hair that I wanted them to have. Unfortunately, it took me a few months to realize that all I need was the inner threads or "guts" of 550 Strength Nylon Cord, whatever color dye I wanted, and a pot to create the dyebath. Create figures my way became SO much easier when I figured that out. I had fun with Zanya's hair, but I couldn't find a feminine enough head with the shape I need. So I had to play with Grunt's a little. My familly and friends say it turned out okay.

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