Entire figure: Duke
Glove: Sgt. Mutt
Club: Sgt. Mutt
Muzzle: Sgt. Mutt
Helmet: Duke
Mac-10: Marauder

One of my favorite Joe figures ever, I felt the need to make Mutt in the 25th style to add to my collection of 25th figures. I "dremeled' the buttons off of the shirt and added clips and a knife sheath. Just by painting the torso a different color than the arms and collar, gives the illusion of Mutt wearing a vest. The glove was the right arm of the DTC Mutt. I modified it to plug into the arm socket of the new Mutt. The original hand can be swapped out so Mutt doesn't have to wear his glove all the time. The goggles on the helmet were shaved from a Showdown Doc Ock figure.

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