Head: 25th Firefly
Arms: VvV Gung-Ho
Rest of Body: 25th Storm Shadow (heavily modified)
Knee pads: VvV Snake Eyes
Elbow Pads: JvC Snake Eyes

Excerpt from Field Report
Subject: The Arashikage Ninja Clan
From: Agent Chuckles
To: Acting President Winters

"As we now know, prior intelligence reports, stating that the Arashikage Clan had been eliminated during the early days of the War, were, to say the least, false. True, the so-called Black Dragon Alliance, on the instructions of Serpentor, did launch a devastating attack on the Clan's temple, which lead to the murder of most of it's leadership hierarchy. However, a familiar member of the Arashikage has returned to resurrect his Clan and bring it back to its former glory: our old 'friend,' Storm Shadow. He calls himself the Phoenix Master now, and has been recruiting and training new ninja warriors at an alarming rate. I don't want to call Storm Shadow a threat just yet, though. While we know he has a history with Cobra (Cobra under Cobra Commander, that is), he has also assisted GI Joe forces on numerous occasions, including several of the initial battles during Serpentor's invasion of the United States. It seems that disapproval of the new Shadow Government is what caused our sometimes ally to go AWOL. However, for the time being at least, he seems content to focus his efforts on rebuilding his Clan. I have no doubt that his long-term goals involve revenge against the Black Dragon Alliance, as well as defense, or maybe even offense, against Serpentor. I do not believe they will pose much of a threat to us, though. That is, of course, unless Storm Shadow finds out about a certain experiment of ours...."

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