Head: SHS Thor w/ Major Bludd helmet and Lady Jaye ST armor insignia
Main body: SHS Venom (heavily modified)
Cape: SHS Thor
Chest Logo: Lady Jaye ST armor insignia
Gauntlet bands: Chap Mei chain accessory
Thigh armor: Lady Jaye ST Armor (modified)
Lower leg armor: Shipwreck ST armor

Project: Venom
Excerpts from Report 731A
Source: Chief Science Officer, Cesspool

"...resulted in all subjects having to be terminated. Fortunately, our latest batch of the serum, dubbed 'Venom' in honor of the doctor whose notes we based its creation on, has begun to produce more positive results. Our latest subjects were tested against a squad of Mark II Battle Android Troopers. While they still possess their predecessor's ability to tear the robots apart with their bare hands, they now retain a level of cognitive ability that the previous forms of the serum had not allowed. They were able to strategize against their enemies and, in doing so, minimized the losses they took. Do not be mistaken, they still function well below the level of a normal adult, but their increased strength and the elimination of their pain receptors more than make up for the lost intelligence.

There is, however, one anomaly that must be addressed, and to do so, I must beg the Emperor's forgiveness and hope that he understands that I acted only out of my desire to better serve him and the Empire of Cobra....

Excerpt from top secret communication
From: Emperor Serpentor
To: Field Commander Hannibal

"I am disturbed to hear of your failure to capture the city of Madrid. I had hoped that you would prove yourself a more formidable commander. Since you cannot accomplish this simple task I have put before you, I am sending you aid. His name is Venomous Maximus, and he will be assisting you in commanding your troops. You may recognize him as your previously deceased brother, Julius. I had thought it a desecration when that lunatic, Cesspool, subjected his body to the Venom Serum, but, I must admit, I cannot argue with the results. Perhaps I should have let the fool live. Unlike most of our Venom Troopers, Maximus' cognitive ability seems not only to have been retained, but enhanced. He has proven himself not only a physical nightmare on the battlefield, but also an accomplished strategist. He will be helping you to succeed where you have so dismally failed. I would ask, however, that you keep a close watch on him. One would not want him to become too ambitious...."

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