Entire figure: 25th Destro (modified)
Unmasked head: Shrunken Green Goblin head

Personal Journal excerpt
Source: General Overlord

"Serpentor may claim that he knew of Destro's treachery from the beginning, but I know better. The Emperor's arrogance led him to believe that the arms dealer was just another pawn in his grand scheme for world domination. The fool thought he could let Destro conquer Europe for him, and then take possession of it whenever he pleased. It is infuriating to me that our great Emperor forgot the importance of the will of the people! The people love Destro! They are unaware that the first 'invasion' of Europe was a farce, orchestrated by none other than their supposed savior, Destro. Destro is a legend to the Europeans. Not only was he able to 'vanquish' our forces, he also rebuilt the continent into a true, united, European Union. It's no wonder that he was elected head of that Union in a landslide victory. While we are trying to wage a war overseas and, at the same time, deal with insurgent groups on our own soil, Destro's Europe is united against us. If only Serpentor had heeded my advice and eliminated the arms dealer when we had a chance."

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Personal Journal excerpt
Source: Conrad "Duke" Hauser, acting commander of GI Joe

"I got a message today, on a very secure channel. It was from Destro. I still can't believe ol' tin-head is Prime Minister of Europe. He wanted to make a deal with us, an alliance against Serpentor. And by 'us', he meant the GI Joe team, not the Shadow Government. Not that there's much of a Joe team left. Destro wants the Joe team to launch a series of attacks against Serpentor's forces on American soil, in an effort to deepen the two-front war the 'Emperor' is already fighting. Destro said he doesn't trust General...I'm sorry, 'President' Winters...to get the job done. That says something, huh? When Destro doesn't trust you....Of course, I can't say I approve of our current administration, either. I still say that the only thing different between Serpentor and Winters is power and a snake costume. Still, I've dealt with Destro too many times to think he's not up to something. At least with Cobra Commander, you always knew where he stood. Destro...Destro is a different creature altogether. He puts up this 'honor' facade, but deep down, I think he's more of a monster than Serpentor will ever be. So now I have to decide. Do I deal with the Devil to get rid of the Emperor? It's times like these I wish Hawk were still around."

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