Torso, Legs, & Belt: 25th Anv Snake Eyes (Single Pack)
Arms & Shotgun: 25th Anv Flint
Hands: 25th Anv Cobra Trooper
Spikes: Toothpicks
Sword: 25th Anv Stormshadow
Webgear: DTC Barrel Roll

Known to the Vampires as the Daywalker, Blade grows up to become one of the fiercest vampire hunters in the world and swears vengeance on the creatures that killed his mother. He teams up with a man called Whistler, a retired vampire hunter and weapons expert.
Construction Notes:
This figure is inspired by the version of Blade in the Blade:Trinity movie and by Mundo's Blade custom that he made using a SHS Punisher. Once I saw the 25th Anniversary SE I knew I had the perfect base for the figure.

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